Apple and Drivables.


Apple hasn’t always been the darling it is today. And the slowdown of the iPhone sales was predictable. Factions in the company focused on preserving revenue versus those who want to blow it up in search of a replacement device (watch?) are impeding things. But, hey, that’s the price of progress and free enterprise.


But don’t bet against Apple. Some smart Apple people are looking into the next BIG thing – self driving cars – and kicking all the right tires. An investment in McLaren, a tech forward company, would be a good fit and take the average revenue per customer up from a slim handheld to large, large drivable.  Every person has a phone and nearly every person has a car. Do the math.  Apple’s look into Lit Motors, a motorcycle company, is genius too.  Ever look around a highway? Nothing but single car drivers surrounded by empty space. Making smaller, safer drivables into self-drivables is a trillion dollar bet. And with boomers aging, caregivers won’t have to take away mom’s car keys. Good for the planet too.

Don’t let the iPhone 7 thing cast a pall over your perspective on Apple. Those dudes and dudettes are boogying.  It won’t all be pretty (Did you see the movie?), but it will be spectacular.