We’re Here Advertising


There is a type of advertising that really rankles me. I call it “We’re Here” advertising. Effectively, it’s nothing more than a banner with a brand name and logo. We’re Here advertising conveys what is being sold and, hopefully, where to buy it. Unfortunately, We’re Here advertising is not uncommon…and it has even been known to work. The logic goes, by just showing up and reminding consumer you’re there, you’ll garner consideration. It’s such a waste.  

Real advertising contains reasons to buy. A claim or two. Logic that supports a buying decision. Back in the day when there were 3 TV channels, showing up in a tutu beneath a lyrical song may have been enough. Today, image is important, style is important ,  but reasons to buy are exquisitely important.  And above all, reasons to buy must be memorable and evidence based.

If you spend any money advertising to savvy American consumers, you need to look at your ads and make sure they’re not We’re Here ads. If they are, fix them.