Awareness vs. Action.


A smart General Motors marketing executive (no giggles) once said “Good advertising makes you feel something then do something.” All “feel” and no “do” can make a dull marketing effort.  Here’s a digital example: Sony Pictures recently used Facebook’s engagement ad program – a vehicle directing Facebook friends to an app that creates an action, which is shared with other friends – in which they provided a commenting object about a clip from the film “Rent.”  It was tested in a particular city. According to Ad Age, the app doubled awareness of the movie among Facebook members.  Well, did anyone care to see if incremental movie tickets were sold in that city? I’m betting it was measured and the program didn’t translate into ticket sales — that’s why it was left out of the Ad Age story. 

This effort may actually have created some initial “do,” perhaps a little “feel,” but none of the most important “do” which was go to the movies. The target, it seems, may like to hang out online.  Peace!