Pride Sells


One word that turns up rich consumer insights when brand planning is “pride.” Consumers know how to articulate pride.  Delving into pride helps planners get to brand truths. It may be one of the seven deadly sins but pride helps planners navigate the psyche and mine selling ideas.

When Hyundai began marketing cars in the US, it was not a car many people took pride in owning, but when the cars designs improved consumers could begin to take pride in ownership. Then Hyundai introduced its 10-year warranty and owners crowed like roosters, looking quite smart compared to other consumers. One can take pride in looking smart. 

Hyundai’s new Assurance program, which guarantees it will take back any new car it sells, at no cost, if the buyer loses his or her job, is another smart move. Add those smarts to the announcement that the newly launched Genesis was named North American Car of the Year at the Detroit Auto Show and you begin to see how momentum is built. Sin indeed.