BBH and Hand Lotion.



Men are weird. You know it. I know it. There are all sorts of “man things” which are unexplainable. Odd rules.  


Getting men to use hand lotion is going to be tough. That said, it is a brilliant marketing opportunity for Bartle Bogle Hegarty and client Unilever. If BBH can get men to use hand lotion — Vaseline in particular — it can potentially double the size of the market. But men don’t do hand lotion. How is BBH planning to get men to change their behavior? By creating ads using manly sports figures. 


Right church, wrong pew. Sports figures make sense, but demonstrating and driveling on about the benefits of hand lotion in a TV spot or Internet outtake is a mistake. Sports figures need to use the product, not hawk it. 


When Mike Piazza walked out of the Mets dugout a few years ago with blond hair, it gave all men permission to color their hair. (A billion dollar lost opportunity for hair color companies.) Had he done an ad for hair color, it would have flopped bigger than a singing cop TV show.