Brand Planning



Brand planning begins with a question and ends with an idea. What happens in between can be magical.  If the branding idea is powerful enough, it can generate billions. If focused enough, it can alter markets and change corporate structure. If creative enough, it can impact culture and influence language.  Powerful branding ideas can be indelible….but only if understood, operationalized and well managed. 


Branding ideas are strategic, not tactical.

Branding ideas are simple, not convoluted.

Branding ideas are inspirational, not congratulatory.

Branding ideas are personal, not global.


The art of brand planning is found in the “boil down.” Knowing what not to include.  It is the most important discipline in the craft. Presenting the boil down to clients makes the fur fly. It makes people raise their voices. It is cathartic. The boil down is the money. Peace!