Brand Strategy is In Low Demand.


The brand strategy business, at least the way I define it, is not an easy one.  Brand strategy is an organizing principle for product, experience and messaging.  Not a lot of people wake up in the morning asking for an organizing principle. Not a lot of people walk to their car or train after work ruing the lack of an organizing principle.  Sure they want more sales, more efficient sales, and better sales but they’re typically not feeling disorganized.   

The typical brand consulting inquiry goes something like this “Do you redesign logos?” Or, “Do you rename?”  Sometimes they use branding and a verb, “I need to rebrand my website.”  These are not what I do. I create paper strategy. 

Most people want marketing stuff. They don’t want strategy or operating principles. There isn’t a lot of pent up demand for brand strategy. So I often have to come in the side door — find people who are looking for stuff.  Otherwise, I’m left to educate marketers as to the role of brand strategy and that’s a schlepp.