Buying Versus Selling.


I’ve written before about the marketer’s easiest sale being one where there’s pent up demand for a product, service or function. When people want what you offer, selling is easy. At the polar opposite is selling something people don’t want. Then selling is hard. I don’t want to get sick, so selling remedies beforehand, for instance. I don’t want to buy a condo in the Berkshires, is another example.  Then there is the third approach: selling something a customer doesn’t know about. They may want it, if educated about the product, but the need is not on their radar. This is an expensive marketing challenge because first the seller has to explain the product, then explain the problem/function, and lastly close the deal. It’s a 3 stepper, if you will.

With pent up demand selling you can almost take a “we’re here” approach. There is demand — you are the supply. Like Pearl Jam tickets. With a product that had little demand you are best segmenting your target and focusing on those who do want it or profile closest to wanting it. For the latter group the best way forward is to take an educational approach. Don’t preach-teach. Engage, find common contextual ground, then bait several hooks and learn what works.

If all people were the same, selling would be easy. They are not. Remember, it is buying you should be focused on not selling. Peace.