Coke’s old new idea.


Consumption of full sugar drinks is down 25% and Coca-Cola is feeling it. Michael Bloomberg take a bow. It was front page news in the NYT today that Coca-Cola is getting behind a pig push to reduce obesity and they’re doing so by educating people that the main culprit in obesity is inactivity. They’ve started a group called GEBN, which is an acronym for GEBN. Their PR peeps are pushing hard, taking the obesity, which leads to diabetes, very seriously. It’s good business.

If you’d read What’s The Idea? before you know I follow Coke and cut my teeth in the business thinking about their big brand idea REFRESHMENT – an idea a decade ago replaced by “happiness,” a non endemic money suck.  Well, refreshment plays to the new Coke PR idea of #physicalactivity in spades. Yes one can be refreshed by simply sitting in the sun and dehydrating, but the best refreshment comes from activity. So does the best narrative.

The NFL “Play 60” is behind activity, certainly Nike is… but no one owns the “peak experience” moment (and product) Coke does.

I love that Coke wants to finds inactivity and obesity. It’s part of their core brand promise. But it doesn’t have to be a PR onslaught or lackluster Twitter campaign, it can be just good old advertising.