Fruit Bowls


fruit bowlI was recently looking at photos of a number of remodeled kitchens. All were nicely done. The counters were immaculate. But no signs of life. The art directors logic being — see the beauty of the kitchen, not the clutter. No people, no cooking instruments. And, of course, there was the obligatory fruit bowl used as a color accent.

It made me wonder if there is are obligatory elements every brand planner uses in his/her work. I very much doubt it, but you never know. Planners should ask themselves before arriving at a final work product “What is my obligatory fruit bowl?” Couldn’t hurt.

Client ad managers have obligatory fruit bowls. And it’s one of the reason advertising is so bad. Things like product shot. Key benefit. Secondary benefit. Consumption or use shot. Whatevs. It’s like these fruit bowls were taught in ad manager school.

If we are to break through with our strategies and ads, we must provide unexpected learning and unexpected experience. Keep the fruit bowls in the pantry. Peace.