Complexly Kohl’s


Kohl’s department stores (Are they still called department stores?) is attempting to upscale it image and bring in new customers with some branded clothing lines. Tony Hawk and Elle Magazine have clothing in Kohl’s now and those brands are making a difference. New this fall, Vera Wang will be launching a line at Kohl’s called Simply Vera which has raised more than a few eyebrows.

Research suggests that 70% of Kohl’s shoppers have heard of Vera Wang, so they are clearly betting that having a high fashion brand in the store – albeit one of a “simpler,” less expensive design — will generate major buzz among the “back to school/work” crowd.  
Kohl’s is s little late to the party with this tactic, but it’s a good deal fro both parties. “Mom, but this Vera bubble skirt, is sooooo hot!” The big questions is will Ms. Wang’s foray into the mass retail stores mar her runway image?  I suspect it will.  But you are only as good as your designs, and Vera’s got game. If there’s a blip in her up-market sales, it will only make her work harder and she will prevail. Oh yeah, the McCann-Erickson advertising idea sounds like it will work big time. That’s key.
I predict success all around.