Dell’s Future.


Dell needs a facelift. But you don’t invest crazy money in a makeover before your facelift. (I’m projecting here. Hee hee.)  Michael Dell is trying to take the company from public to private and to do so must convince shareholders that $13.00 ish is a good share price.  Some say recent poor earning are a way to get shareholders to agree to sell. Duh. If Mr. Dell does get the company back, he will be able to make the bold moves needed to keep it alive. And perhaps even thrive.  He’s too smart, generated too much revenue and been around too long to stumble again.  And let’s face he, stumble he has. The company has sold millions of machines but still languished.

Name the last hero product Dell has launched. Describe it for me. The Adamo? Alamo? Whatevs.

Dell needs to design and launch a tablet that whistles.  Not something boxy with bells and whistles.  Something that whistles. It’s that simple. One killer, hero design will begin to refresh this stagnant brand.

Here’s a test: Get a bunch of teens and/or tweens in a room and have them draw pictures of a Dell laptops. Better yet hve them use Makerbot and create plastic prototypes. See what you get.  Then have the group do the same for a similar Apple product.  Have them talk about the differences.   This is where the brand is and this is what needs fixing. New product design and vision can fix the brand. It will be interesting to see the plan in action. Peace.