Disorganizing Principle.


I’ve been thinking a bit about the name of my business What’s The Idea? It started out as the name of my blog and continues as such. When searching URLs 13 years ago I considered What’s The Big Idea? but opted for the shorter version, jettisoning “big” for less characters. Also the word “big” felt a touch salesy. 

Here’s the thing. Most marketers aren’t waking up in the morning thinking business success is tied to an idea. They wake up thinking about expenses and sales. Getting them to understand that a brand strategy (def: an organizing principle for product, experience and messaging) will transform marketing activities into strategic selling activities is a leap.

You see, many marketering and comms professionals think awareness, interest, desire and action (AIDA) covers it. But the AIDA doesn’t read “awarenesses, interests, desires and actions.” And that’s the problem. Focus. Without a discrete strategy you are working from a disorganizing principle.

Naming my company “What’s The Idea” was not the best choice. It breaks a few of my time-tested rules. Not the best Is-Does and it doesn’t address Pent-up Demand.

Is it time for a change? Might-could (Southernism).