I have followed Yahoo and its marketing efforts for a while, and watch with great interest as executives try to right the ship. The latest evidence Yahoo still faces challenges is the departure of CMO Cammie Dunaway.  I have said as recently as last week that Yahoo’s market strategy lacks focus. They have made some repairs to the brand, but still seem to be casting about for a direction. 

Not too long ago, and this is one of my favorite stories, I was in a planning meeting with board level officers at billion dollar home healthcare company. The CEO went around the room asking the other officers “What business do you think we’re in?” I knew we were in for a long day. Please read the internal memo (thanks ValleyWag) discussing the organization of Yahoo post-Ms. Dunaway, and tell me what business you think Yahoo is in.

Yahoo! Network Marketing
The following teams will now report into the Yahoo! Network Division (YND):
*       Audience “Go to Market” team led by David Riemer
*       Direct Marketing led by Nick Besbeas
*       Consumer/Customer Innovation led by Karin Timpone
*       Customer Care led by Laura Narducci
We will take the next few weeks to determine the head of a new YND Marketing organization. In the meantime, David Riemer will continue to be the point of contact for YND marketing efforts.

Strategy and Insights
Given the important role of insights to our company strategy we are aligning the Customer Insights organization with Corporate Strategy so we can better leverage insights across Yahoo, globally. Therefore, Peter Daboll will now report to Gerry Horkan, head of Corporate Strategy.

Customer Experience Division
The following teams will now comprise the Customer Experience division:
*       The Brand team led by Allen Olivo. Jorge Consuegra will report to Allen and focus on Brand Marketing for international.
*       Policy and Editorial team led by Ninj.
*       Central UED led by Larry Tesler.
According to this memo the Yahoo business is marketing, strategy and customers. Someone in the executive suite needs to find a business to be in.  Maybe then Yahoo will start gaining back momentum.