Faster food


Here’s an idea for McDonald’s as it sets its plans for China. Loose the stores and build just drive-thrus. 

China is the world’s fastest growing major auto market. In many locations, I’ll bet over 80% of the customers arrive to McDonald’s — so why not rid the locations of the big walk-in real estate and simply build 30-40 drive up windows fed by a production facility built underground. The goal would be to get people served in under a minute, including drive-up.

With some walk-up windows for bicyclists and a sheltered picnic area for seating and bathrooms, McDoald’s new storefront-less, fully-automated approach, would revolutionize fast food the way it did in the 1950 and 60s.
It’s worth a try.  And in a market overflowing with people and cars, it seems a no-brainer.