The one and only is back.


The U.S. retail business is set for a downturn, just ask anyone at the Davos Conference in Switzerland. Yet Sony seems quite rosy about its future and rightfully so. Have you seen (or bought) one of Sony’s beautiful flat screen TV’s lately? And, OMG, have you viewed any programs in Hi-Def on them? They are amazing. Sony always kicked butt in TV but now they’re back with a vengeance. 

If the average American spends 3 hours a day watching television and that television offers superb color, digital sound and an excellent viewing experience – and all the while those 4 little letters (S-O-N-Y) are staring you in the face — you know that quality story is going to transfer over to other Sony products.
Sony TV’s never really left, but competitors had been making inroads. Not any more. Quality-wise, Sony TV’s are back on top. And that is going to pull along the rest of the product portfolio rather nicely, thank you very much. Great strategy!