Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company has tanked so badly, it is beyond understanding. By some accounts, for every car they sold in 2006, Ford lost $4,700. No genius I, but perhaps someone should have done something a little more sweeping when Ford hit the $1,000 per car mark. 
Marketing is still all about the 4Ps (product, price, promotion, place/distribution.)  Ford’s problem was, and is, the product. Too many SUVs, too many big trucks, and too poor car design for the family sedan. When Ford let the best selling Taurus lose market share to Toyota’s Camry, the cards were dealt. Ford will only come back when they build a new car or two that meet the needs of the consumer: small, responsive, gas efficient, youthful — and then surround it with imagination-capturing promotion (another “P”.)
Ford is a geezer brand, with geezer management, at a geezer ad agency. All the YouTube videos in the world aren’t going to change that.  By the time Michelangelo was 28, he had done his most exciting work.