Good ad craft.


Not sure who is doing KitchenAid’s advertising but the print is really good.  A refrigerator ad I read today is headlined “Bring the WHOLE FISH home.”  A fairly exotic women stand mid-ground in a kitchen with left hand held high with flat leaf parsley. The centerpiece of the picture, in high focus, is a silver KitchenAid refrigerator behind our home cook. The hero of this visual story, however, is a lovely whole red snapper.  

Also on the counter is a large bunch of fennel, lemons stage right in a bowl with limes, and a nice KitchenAid mixer sits in the background.

The copy tells us the snapper will be roasted Mediterranean-style and the meal will be amazingly fresh thanks to the fridge’s Preserva technology with advanced air filters, humidity settings and ideal temperatures.

This is storytelling without storytelling.  Great ads make your feel something then do something.  This ad challenges you to be a little daring with your recipes. It makes you hungry and want to cook.  And do so with fresher ingredients.

The ad is not targeted to everyone — but foodies are likely to be captivated.  I’ve written how good Bosch’s appliance ads are, these are better. Better ad craft. Peace.