Growing Markets.


The best thing that can be said about a marketer or a marketing agent is that s/he has grown a market.  The marketing and advertising mantra “sell more, to more, more often, at higher margins” is a terrific end-game, but one can do that and simply be redistributing market share. Growing markets is what’s up. So here’s a way to grow the men’s apparel market.  (I was at Fashion Institute of Technology yesterday, and tons of kids were walking around classrooms with bolts of fabric a la Project Runway – ergo the fashion interest.)  Replace the tee-shirt.

I was thinking of all the shopping I do each year and no one’s really making a living off me.  Maybe the grocery and the beer stores.  I buy a two pair of jeans once a year(ish); maybe some mulch for the wifus.  As for dress shirts, I don’t buy them unless I spill coffee on myself before a meeting. And somehow they just appear in the closet or in Christmas boxes.  Tee-shirts, on the other hand, are flowing out of my bottom drawer.  And the drawers of most men.

The Gap or Amazon or a smart designer with online chops should design a shirt for men that is flattering, comfortable, fashionable and functional.  And I’m not talking about that $70 tee-shirt in expensive fabric.  A new look shirt. Men love their tee-shirts but we’ll give them up if there’s something better, even if it costs more.  Then how will people know I love the Ramones??? Hmm.

Come on marketers, think about growing your markets. Peace.