Honk if you see an empty SUV.



Throughout history revolutions have been started between the haves and have nots due to conspicuous consumption. One glaring example of conspicuous consumption today is the SUV. Now I know it’s America and everyone is free to do what they like but when I see one of these huge death stars rolling down Rodeo (sorry Zach de la Rocha) with only a driver I go a bit batty. 
We need to make it so that SUV owners feel dirty when driving around town with no passengers. Hell, they shouldn’t be driving them with 3 passengers. Get a car! And don’t talk to me about safety. When all the SUVs are gone, we’ll all be safer.
Here’s a bumper stick for you: “Honk if you see an empty SUV.” Take that soccer mom! Have some derision with your morning coffee. Start having to park in the back corner of the parking lot for a change. See how that feels.  We can turn this thing around people. Start honking.