i lazy

I think it’s time for AT&T’s iPhone print ads to lose the big and tall picture of the unit with its 17-function button display screen. We get it. It sends pictures, searches the Internet, has a camera, email, text, and makes phone calls. Whenever I look at an iPhone in person, I’m certainly not awed by the start page menu. My jaw drops, though, when I a see something “real” and “surprising” on it.  Often that’s a picture. Now I’m not going all Canon on you, but right now all I see in these ads is a sea of orange (hold-over color from the Cingular days), a cute headline and some retail store location.
This is lazy, retail advertising at its worst. The type of effort where the agency counts how many pages from the front of the paper they are and compares it to Verizon. These are expensive ads. This is a cool product. Bring it to life.