According to the Radicati Group market research firm, in 2010, 107 trillion e-mails were sent. Today there are 3.1 billion active email accounts and corporate employees send and receive 105 million e-mails a day. When we don’t have anything to do, rather than smelling roses, we check our cellies. They have become indispensable.  Or have they?

One of the goals I have for my company is to make its website an indispensable source of content for the K12 education community. Indispensable is a very high goal.  The thought is, if teachers and school administrators could visit only one website each day to get some good .edu nuggets, whose would it be? Not a nice place to visit. Or a valuable and meaningful website.  An indispensable site. That’s a strategy. 

Many view their sites as places to share product and service information.  Good idea. Others see them as a way to cut down customer inquiry. Others yet view their sites as places to sell.  Or places to get prospects ready to buy.  All good goals.  For me “indispensable” is where it’s at.  It is a constant strategic motivator.  Try it. Peace.