Stones. Stone. And Stoners.


Oliver Stone goes big.  He pushes the truth and sometimes creates his own truth. In his review of Mr. Stone’s “Savages” today A.O. Scott called Stone’s body of work “sumptuous.”  Rich cinematography, larger than life characters and just plain juicy film-making. I am on a Don Winslow (writer of Savages) jag now, and readers might even see a tiny bit of influence in this blog. I’m also a Blake Lively fan. (Not dead yet.) It’s a trifecta for me.

Marketers and ad peeps should study Mr. Stone.  He finds topics that have gravitational pull, he used great images and sounds to capture them, and he steeps the content in sumptuousness.  Even the Times’A.O. Scott digs this kind of film making.  Go see Savages. It will beat your average Vampire vamp and scare-fest. Oliver it up. Peace!