Is it not true that the opposite of promotion is…


Have you ever noticed that law firm earnings rarely make the papers?  Or that gazillion dollar law firm names are unknown by the masses? We really never think about big corporate law firms. As Occupy Wall Street targets the banks and focuses on corporations that do not pay their fair share taxes, lawyers walk back and forth with nary a glance. 

A friend of mine is in operations at a law firm in NYC and very involved in build-outs and office relocations. His firm is in a semi-historic NYC building and they are renovating like a dookie. Conference rooms like museums, two-story, south-facing offices that would make a king blush.  Corporate and high-end law firms are the subject of good TV drama, but fly under the radar because they are private and in the business of stealth and secreting information. They are also in the business of reverse brand management.

Staying out of the public’s eye and keeping clients invisible is an art — and lawyers do it best.  Perhaps some large communications companies who build reputations for a living should hire and study top law partners to understand the enemy.  The enemy being the opposite of promotion. Perhaps then we can invent a few new ways to sell.  Peace.