Marketing Palaver.



Okay, I’m a little bit of a geeze but when it comes to marketing and selling I know of what I speak. In a recent email exchange with an extremely smart and successful digital age marketer, he offered:  


“…engaged dialog (is) needed to embrace and maintain long term customer/constituent relationships….authenticity, transparency, and existing as an instance of true core values matter most today.”


I wrote him that whenever I’m in a meeting and someone trots out words like “engaged, authenticity, transparency and core values,” especially all in the same sentence, I wonder if the marko-babble detector is going to go off. 


A ad in the paper today promised “Rooms that exceed expectation.” MOG (Mother of God,) who are these people talking too?


“Good advertising" I once read, "makes you feel something then do something.” That’s what good marketing does. Authenticity, transparency and all the other “encies” are just marketing palaver, and the price of doing business. Feel and do, that’s the key.