Meep meep.



Chrysler’s reorg may reduce their number of models from 32 to 13 according to The New York Times, so what do you think that says about GM? Washington didn’t listen to my Detroit Bailout Challenge idea, suggesting a jump ball/winner-take-all approach to the big three bail out, so the car companies will be left to their own devices. 


One such device will be to lose car brands (buh-bye Saturn, Pontiac, maybe Buick) and car models. As you drive around the streets and highways today, take a look to the left, right, fore and aft and know that one of those American models will be gone by the summer of 2010.


America’s highways are going to look and sound differently very soon. Lighter cars, egg-beater sounding engines, meep meep horns. Closed, rusting gas stations will dot the highways. Can’t wait!