Miller Lite


miller high lifeForget Consumer Generated Content…

…agencies need to worry about marketer generated content.  Check out this Ad Age quote from the CMO of Miller Randy Ransom regarding its new in-house effort for Miller Lite:

“We are taking a ‘hard right turn’ back to the core essence of Miller Lite, which has always been about differentiating Miller Lite from competitors as a better beer.  The new ads (in-house) demonstrate our ability to move with speed and conviction. And we like the flexibility that these simple formats provide to quickly customize our messaging for a variety of mediums.”

The implication in Mr. Ransom’s quote is that agency’s cannot move with speed and conviction, are not flexible, and can’t quickly customize messages to a variety of mediums.  That’s a problem.  It’s a bigger problem than the work that got Miller Lite into this mess, which I’m sure was collaborative.

(Oh, and Alex Bogusky, strap on a pair and fire these bozos.)