Bad Beer Ads


Why is beer advertising so bad?

Have we as a society gotten so besotted with ad messages that we can’t even make a good beer commercial?  I don’t include Corona in this assessment, whose simple work I still find to be splendid.  Now I admit to getting a chuckle every so often hearing the “real men of genius” radio, but it certainly doesn’t make me want to quaff down a Bud Light.  But could the Coor’s Light frozen silver bullet train be any more inane? 

Coors Light advertising, according to a senior marketing executive, gets back to the brands roots of “refreshing and cold.” Refreshing and fun are Coke’s core attributes; so is it any wonder when I see a Coors Light commercial I get thirsty for a Coke?

I’m a beer guy.  There are a lot of things that might induce me to drink a frosty one, but a frozen train darting between a bunch of smiling blonde women isn’t one of them.  Hmmmm, or is it? Sigmund?      

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