Mobile Shopping Is Hurting


A company called Tealeaf recently did a survey on mobile phone shopping and according to an article in The New York Times the study said “mobile shopping was more frustrating than sitting in traffic or visiting the department of motor vehicles.” Does anyone smell an opportunity?

Web usability – the degree to which we make web pages easy to navigate and use – is becoming a fairly important science these days. UI stand for user experience. FUI is first user experience. There are engagement acronyms aplenty bandied about at web shops across our fruited plains but most of this science is web-based, not mobile phone based.

Mobile phone displays are chaotic. Between all the operating systems, web browsers, screen sizes, encryption and security programs and apps, it’s a wonder anyone can buy anything. Amazon has a 5-year head start on everyone and it shows. The promise of mobile phone shopping is to be the exact opposite of the D.M.V.’s “wait forever” experience. The promise is “buy now.”

Union Square and Sand Hill Road need to exert a little pressure on business and software engineers to create a simple, open and secure mobile web interface for two- click purchasing. This is a we’re going to the moon mission and it needs to happen in 2011. Peace.