Theorists and fieldworkers.


There are two kinds of brand planner: theorists and doers. The theorists have done a great deal of research and brief writing, but tend to spend much time writing papers, slideshares and posts about the process of creating strategy. The language they use is peppered with words like “transformation,” “disruption,” “authenticity” and “culture.” Theorists speak before groups, hold webinars and index high for sharing. But when their night job (theory) becomes their day job (actual brand planning), the luster can come off.

“Doer” brand planners live in front of theory. They are often theory breakers. Always on, they constantly dig into products and consumer behaviors – attempting to see them as no one else does. Dissecting product context, use, role and behavior. Seeing products in situ.

It’s a curse really. Wives, husbands, boy and girlfriends, children and pals suffer through it as doers observe all the live-long-day. Temperance for the doers planner is important. Shhh. But the electrical charge for the doer planner comes from the act of exploration, from insights, from “the decision” and closure (as if). And then, as Eddie Vedder sings, “He’s off again.”

Theorists have done the fieldwork and earned their stripes. The doer’s life is the fieldwork. Is an empty piece of paper. Peace!