New Marketing Planning Tool.


One of my primary tools in brand planning is a questionnaire used with C-level executives. The questions stay away from quantitative metrics about business revenue and profit and delve into market and sales realities, perceptions and attitudes. 

The last question I like to ask is “Fast forward 1 year. The new marketing plan and strategy have been a huge success. Everyone is extremely pleased.  What have we accomplished?”  This question has always put a nice cherry on the Sundae. I’ve decided to change it up a bit.  I’m looking to put a new level of illumination on the question – to bring out even more emotional highs.

Here’s the new one:

“Fast forward 1 year.  The Wall Street Journal has written a cover story for its Business and Tech Section on your company. It has highlighted key financial gains and strategic accomplishments over the last 12 months.  Please write the headline, read me the first paragraph and share a possible visual for the story.”

Can’t wait to try it out.