Newsday Online




It’s time for newspapers to fight back. It’s time for them to make readers pay for the online product. The advertising-supported model is just not sufficient.  If you subscribe to the paper paper, you should get the online edition free. If you want online-only your subscription should be discounted. If you are a subscriber and a poster (a content creator/contributor) your subscription should be further reduced.


Newsday, who is owned by Cablevision, who owns the NY Knicks (inside joke), is moving to a “paid for” model which will really tork off some people.  But now is the time to make the move. The free lunch in online news needs to stop to maintain the sanctity of the product. News is important. People pay for important stuff. Newsday just needs to figure a way to charge while dialing up the value of the online property.  It will be a hard road for them, but it’s doable and is the right road. The pioneers take the arrows, as they say. Peace.