NY Mets and Customer Service.


I was at a Met Game last night and fairly normal looking couple, perhaps in their 50-60s, were sitting in front of me. Our aisle seats were 9 rows from the field, 50 feet from 1st base. Midway through the game a suited young man with a badge around his neck came up to the gentlemen, took a knee and chatted him up. The youngish man smacked of customer service, but also seemed a friend.  I couldn’t hear what they were saying but the customer care person did not at all seem solicitous. On the back of patron’s ball cap was an understated logo for Chevrolet, so I assumed he was a return customer.

Later, I saw a nice looking women, similarly badged, walking up the aisle in a dark skirt suit – presumably another customer service person.

The Mets/Citifield experience is really quite good. Especially for the corporate customers. High-end ticket owners are spending money and they are taken care of. Not smothered – but recognized and assisted. The wins and losses are not always controllable; the experience should be.  (Now, if they could just get that waiter to stop asking everyone if he could take their order every 2 minutes. )

The Mets and Wilpons are building a customer relationship experience that is laudable.  No scrimping there. Peace!