Offense and defense in social media.


In social media today there is offense and defense. 


Defense is what Domino’s did last week when two employees had a little fun at the brand’s expense. Defense is what a branded hand cream containing palm oil from denuded Indonesian forests does when called on the carpet. Though the brand will get some stink on in, this defense is played by corporate business leaders and PR professionals. It’s not brand work…it’s business work.  It needs to be handled quickly, succinctly and aggressively.  


Offense, in social media, is about creating memorable sight, sound, and mind experiences which create predisposition to a sale.  These experiences and participations must surround strategic demonstrations of product superiority and value.  If online consumers don’t agree with your demonstrations, take the bullet and move on — at least you are forming the dialogue. Not everyone is going to like you and your product but with good brand management they will know who you are and for what you stand.