One Ford Campaign.


 “One Ford,” the new rallying cry of CEO Alan R. Mulally, is an internal and Wall Street message intended to build moral among employees and The Street on the heals of crazy losses. Ford reduced losses by close to $10 billion in one year but was still $2.7 billion in the hole in 2007. “One Ford” connotes consolidation of the four Ford companies into one and the reduction of the many, many production platforms around the world into a more economical number. 

Today TV stations are crowded with Ford cars commercials — and the cars are very nice. Sales of the Edge and Focus will lead the way thanks to some nice designs and smart partnerships. That’s what we need to be hearing about in the business press, not about employee rallies with people are holding up “One Ford” cards. 
Build better cars. Build greener, more fuel efficient cars. Focus on the cars and drivers. Then wrap them in an exciting new brand envelope. There is no need for public displays of company solidarity. Even all the Ford dealers you closed this year would agree with that.