Our own event.


The advertising and marketing business needs an annual event; a place for creative people, artists, musicians, designers and strategy people to convene and experience the love and inspiration that is our business. The NYT today referred to the just competed Annual 4As Conference as populated by “a bunch of old white guys.” As an old white guy myself, I wouldn’t want to go to a place so described.

SXSW Interactive is a pretty cool place for advertisers and marketers but they should really be at the Music part of South By – that’s where the energy and inspiration is.  Cannes is a pretty cool festival, but it’s out of most people’s price range. Elitism anyone?

Once a year there should be a show for all marketers and all of their agents. Perhaps sponsored by headhunters and  talent companies. A place for all to let their hair down. Over an I’m-not-smarter-than-you, noncompetitive couple of days where we celebrate, share, think, evolve and have some fun. Where we recharge the batteries and make new friends.   

For a group of people who invented this even marketing stuff, we are pretty dismal at celebrating it ourselves. Peace!