Props to Rupert.




Okay, okay I think I’m becoming a Rupert Murdoch fan. I wouldn’t want him as my CEO in a new internet start-up, but I like how he is going about learning what’s next. I’ve dinged him for what he’s doing to the Wall Street Journal, but must give him credit for putting money into a lot of different new media properties in an effort to learn. It is the wild west don’t forget.
Mr. Murdoch has shown some restraint when it comes to DRM (digital rights management) and he believes in the newspaper business, so long as the writing is great and germane. His take on MySpace vs. Facebook is also interesting. He feels MySpace is for those who want to express themselves and Facebook is a utility. Nice boil down. It also makes me feel good about our online property, Zude, which is poised to be the best of all individual expression platforms. After shelter, sustenance and procreation, personal expression is the most important human need. The online world is a  brand new canvas for personal expression and Mr. Murdoch sees that.