Search and Stick-to-itiveness.


Every morning I try to blog about branding. To date I have somewhere north of 2850 posts. One of the tricks I use to build make blog more visible and build followers is to index each post with my consultancy brand What’s The Idea?  In search terms that means I tag whatstheidea, one word, to every blog — along with whatever else I happen to be writing about.  My intent is to be able to tell people to Google whatstheidea and another word or brand using the plus sign (e.g., whatstheidea+burger king) and they will be one click away from my writings and thoughts. 

It worked for a few years then as Google kept changing the algorithms my results were sent way beneath the fold. I mean waaaay beneath.

Well, it looks like I may be back. Thanks to the latest Google algorithm, some secure server and WordPress magic by my hosting company (Unreal Web Marketing) and a lot of stick-to-itiveness, my years of indexing work has not been for naught.

It’s fun when plans work out.