Self-Driving Cars. Oh my!


Automobile accidents in America have reached their highest points since 2008. Why, you might ask?  I suspect it’s because of mobile technology. Texting, downloading, GPS settings, lying to Waze. Even calls from mom.

Mobile technology is here to stays and, sadly, we haven’t had the foresight to legislate it so we don’t run into one another. We need to block hand-operated digital phones used by drivers. But that may not happen. So what’s the next best thing in this age where we will only use technology and phones more? Self-driving cars.  It’s a safe alternative that will allow us to use our phones and other tech. No brainer.

Had it not been for growth of mobile devices, self-driving cars may not have on our radar for a few more years. Perhaps we’d have cured cancer – causing the average life expectancy of Americans to reach 95. And that would have necessitated the need for self-driving cars.  We always need to see the big picture as well as the cause and effect. Just sayin’.