Something to think about.


If there is one word that symbolized the U.S.A. it is freedom. It’s our brand, if you will. Do focus groups, quantitative…interview Nigerians or Oklahomans. You will get the same one word answer. It’s a little bit of a complicated answer, so you may not hear it if interviewing young children, but they will probably offer stories about schools, pizza, skinny jeans, music and other embodiments of freedom.

The internet has introduced the world to freedom – freedom of information. And it has had wonderful yet drastic changes. Many people and cultures are uncomfortable with the influx of ideas, ideology and real-time communication the web and its apps offer. And why? Because governments are being pressured and replaced, thanks to freedom of information. A story today in the NYT outlines many of the countries curtailing web access — now including Russia. Yes Russia.

As the planet gains increased freedom of information and therefore freedom, there will be growing tumult and restrictions. And America, with all its freedoms, will grow in stature as the bellwether of freedom. The rest of the world will bleed, but then come kicking and screaming closer.  All will be well, but there will be blood and seismic bumps. Peace.