Take Your Own Path???


Enfatico, the new Ogilvy comms agency set up to handle Dell Computer, has launched what appears to be its first global campaign.  Not global in terms of multinational offices – nooo – global in terms of integrated communication and offices.   I read in the comments on jaffejuice that Enfatico’s blog has a paltry two posts as of today, so I took a look. Ouch, he’s right. And that’s where I learned of the new Dell campaignAnd that’s where I watched some of the most inane communications ever witnessed. 

This is like 8th grade marketing stuff. “Take your own path” as an idea is so old an Altzheimer’s patient would remember it.  Apple’s “Think Different” was the same idea, but done by an ad agency. This effort, highlighting business people from India and their shining paths, feels like it was produced in the basement of strip mall by two kids with a boom mike and a Commodore computer.


T. Boone, wake up sir!