Techies Learning From the Press.


Techie bloggers have learned “a thing” from old school media. As a reader and avid fan of tech blogs TechCrunch and Scobleizer (Robert Scoble), I’ve noticed with great admiration the recent redesign of their blogs. Easier to read, more pleasing to the eye, they bear an art directors touch. They feel a little more like a well designed print property than a tech property.  And that’s a good thing. 


My blog looks like dump, but it will get better. (And don’t even look at my simulcast blog at , it is laughable.) For me, for now, it’s about the words as I’m sure it was for Messrs. Scoble and Arrington. But these guys are kicking out some serious numbers so it was time for an upgrade.  It’s the way forward in blogging. Peace!

PS. Happy birthday Laura.