The Great American Spanking



This recession has been kicking my ass. Never a good saver, like most Americans I have been leveraging assets and looking to future earnings. This was okay while everyone else was doing the same and banks encouraged us along, but when the banks and bank insurers went under, the News Hour turned to fright night, and millions lost their jobs, I got religion.  Being an ad guy in my bones, I remain positive, even as my work days and consulting fees dwindle.


Most American’s have been spanked and I hope we have learned our lesson…as individuals and as a country.


There are signs that we may be turning the corner economically. Though, ad spending was down in 1Q, senior executives are talking about signs of budget life. Jobless claims have slowed and a slight bump in retail sales are two other good signs.


Mr. Positive, here, believes this smack in the butt is going to make us stronger. Each and every one of us: college kids, newlyweds, first time home buyers, retirees and their elders.  Individually and as a country we need to focus on what we need. When we buy and use more than we need, things get risky. We must get back to fiscal and environmental responsibility. If we do, the goods we purchase will mean more, we will take better care of them, and life, I suspect, will be fuller. It will also give us more time to put tunes on our iPods. Peace!