The greening of social networks.


(Not that kind of greening.)

MySpace is acknowledging its soft ad revenue by redesigning its home page to be less cluttered and more advertiser-friendly.  It is also updating its nav bar in the hopes of making MySpace a little more adult friendly (my theory.)  You see, one of the reasons News Corp’s social networking darling isn’t bringing in the ad revenue it had hoped is the demographics are too young. Think of it like TV advertising on Saturday morning. 
Facebook, though its user base is older, also isn’t making big ad revenue because they, too, are not hitting the ideal user base demo.  Let’s face it, this demographic group barely see ads online. Zude, which we like to refer to as a “social computing platform that provides users an unprecedented level of freedom and design customization” (mouthful, I know,) is an online property designed to make it easier for users of all technical abilities to build and manger web content. And that includes not just the young, but all consumers. As those who are in the high-spend demographic enter the social computing age, thanks to more usable online properties, advertisers will start to spend more money to reach them.    
Advertisers will pay for consumers who will pay. It’s a fact.