The Haque


Umair Haque, Director of the Havas Media Lab, and writer of Edge Economy for the Harvard Business Review is an amazing new economy thinker and a bag of chips (a whole lot more). He’s very contrary (check out this current post pooh-poohing innovation), he is very right, and he is quite a communicator. I read his “Twitter’s Ten Rules For Radical Innovators” and thought them worth sharing:

1. Ideals beat strategies.
2. Open beats closed.
3. Connection beats transaction.
4. Simplicity beats complexity.
5. Neighborhoods beat networks.
6. Circuits beat channels.
7. Laziness beats business.
8. Public beats private.
9. Messy beats clean.
10. Good beats evil.
(For the full post, click here.)

I have never met Mr. Haque but hope to. And though I don’t agree with Rule number 1 as a general statement, in this case I do because in this case he suggests the idea to build Twitter was more important than the idea to build a Twitter business model. Agreed.

Mr. Haque is poster. But he is more than a poster, he is an uber poster. An inspirer. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Haque is already a force of nature and commerce. My prediction? This dude will be historic! Peace!