The New Lincoln Mishegas.


Would you like to be confused?  Click through to “Steer The Script” the new Lincoln Motor Company something or other. I’m not sure what it is, hence the something or other.  It’s is not a campaign so much as a weak federation of ads. Or not. The only thing I can say for sure is it has something to do with Twitter.  The ideas the drive the comms have been solicited from Twitter and conveyed by Twitter users. Then Lincoln’s agency started writing, directing and filming this Mishegas which I think we will see in :30 or :60 form on the Super Bowl.

I must admit, the new car (can’t remember its name…it has an M in it) is pretty cool looking. And it has a retractable roof – the whole roof, I think.

In an earlier post about Lincoln I made fun of a poorly constructed print ad introducing the New Lincoln Motor Company.  Next they did some advertising on TV with Abraham Lincoln, now this. I’m not sure who is running the show over at Lincoln, but their head must be on a swivel.

This is indeed a “new” Lincoln Motor Company.  And it does sell cars. Luxury cars that are designed for people. People? Other than that, mishegas (Yiddish). Peace in Syria.