The Pedal Dividend.


The Lowes Companies reported poor earnings this quarter. Though a lot of people are doing home improvements themselves, sales are down because contractors are not as busy and luxury extras aren’t moving. Big box stores are of great value to consumers in a tough economy but gassing up the guzzler to make ad hoc trips to Costco just doesn’t make sense.


Mom and pop stores are certainly hurting too, but they have an advantage — they are reachable by bike. Mom and pop and/or local grocery stores, in addition to giving a dollar off to people who bring in sustainable bags, should provide spiffs or economic incentives to bike riders. More people on bikes is a good thing. A really good thing. Exercise aside, it creates less demand at the pump and sends a good message to all kids. Pedaling is a better form of short transport and it also keeps us shopping closer to home, supporting our communities.


Mention it to your local retailer. There is only upside. (Except, maybe, for the big box stores. But they want you to live longer too.) Peace.