Travel Marketing Application.


Being a marketing consultant is fun.  Sometimes companies call you in to solve their problems, other times you come up with ideas and schemes that solve problems they may not know they have. 


I met with a friend the other day at an online travel company.  His company has some smart technology that allows travelers to search the travel search engines for the best rates. (Search the search? Yep.)  Beyond the algorithm, this company’s stable of writers and curators create the added-value; their ability to impart good destination knowledge, advice and tips is a differentiator.


Separately, I read today that some schools are using video games to teach students about business.  Students create their own personas and play the game of “business life.”  Their decisions result in real consequences and learning, e.g., don’t wear jeans to an interview.  Handfuls of smart marketers have been using games in training and sales for a while now, but we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface. 

The Marketing Mashup

Combining the travel company business insight (good content build loyalty) with the gaming/training phenomenon yields an idea that can provide the travel site with improved traffic, loyalty, advertising value and engagement.  Build a simple game tailored to first time visitors to specific countries. Rather than a just creating a FAQs page, bring the country to life using decisions made on the virtual ground.  Experience is a great teacher…and good teachers are remembered. Peace!