JetBlue and the Wounded Traveler.


An article in yesterday’s New York Times, the headline for which read “JetBlue  Asks Fliers To Keep Spreading The Word,” discusses JetBlue’s brand new social media campaign – a core component of its marketing strategy.  From Firstborn (agency) in NYC, the work offers video snippets of real customers talking, unscripted, of their great experiences. Unscripted is better. The goal is for people to see these videos and weigh in about their positive experiences. 

Here’s an experience a friend of mine had yesterday on JetBlue, flying from NY to California.  Here are his unscripted words:

“I had a 22 hour trip to California.  Ask me about sometime, and I’ll tell you all about it in great detail (as I usually do).   Murphy’s Law is officially renamed as M***h’s Law (name redacted).  Oh, by the way, if you happen to find my luggage, please let JetBlue know where it is, since they don’t know where it is.”

This gentleman sent the email to 21 friends.  That’s word of mouth. Sounds like he might be pissed, no?  Do you think JetBlue wants to give him a social platform to share his experience?  While his wound is still raw?  Doubt it.  They’d be better off giving him a coupon for a companion ticket and a hearty apology.


There’s nothing more ornery than a wounded travel passenger.  This is one business where giving a mouthpiece to a customer may do more harm than good. Pick your creative tactics carefully people.  Peace!