Twitch And You Will Find.


Twitch Point Planning is a very heady (if I say so myself) communications planning tool that is really a sales planning tool.  The goal of twitch point planning is to move consumers closer to a sale. And isn’t that what all sales activity is about?

Twitch Point Planning uses multiple media platforms, mostly digital, to direct consumers toward a product and preference for that product. Some are willing, e.g., they are actively seeking information, and others less willing – they a not necessarily shopping but may be vulnerable to an endemic or coincidental message.  

A twitch is a media moment when a consumer leaves what they are doing and references a different source for clarification.  For instance, I was reading Kara Swisher in The NY Times paper paper today and she gratuitously used the word “codswallop.” I twitched from paper to digital and Googled the word – a behavior she predicted. Marketers who understand, map and manipulate twitches are marketers who are playing smart chess with consumers.  

Customer Journey and DILO frameworks are smart frameworks, but Twitch Point Planning transcend media planning.  Kara Swisher gets it, and Google gets it. Google just doesn’t quite know what to do with it yet.